Thursday, July 31, 2014

Does Lamar Alexander Actually Have The NRA’s Support?

Earlier this week, I wrote that the NRA endorsed Lamar Alexander in the upcoming Senate primary in Tennessee. This information came from an article published in The Hill last Sunday, which stated:

“Alexander dismisses criticisms that he’s moved too far to the center, citing his NRA endorsement and ‘A’ rating with the National Right to Life.”

It has since been brought to my attention that the NRA has not formally endorsed either candidate in this race. Either Alexander has been lying about being endorsed by the NRA, or the reporter misconstrued his comments.

It turns out that Alexander has also made misleading statements about his NRA rating. On his website, he claims that the NRA gave him an A rating in its most recent assessment of him earlier this month, while the NRA’s website states that he was downgraded to an A -. His opponent, Joe Carr, was given an A.

I take responsibility for mistakenly reporting the NRA’s endorsement, and in the future I will do a better job of checking my facts. But I also believe that Sen. Alexander needs to be less misleading about his support from the NRA.