Friday, April 25, 2014

Boycott Franklin Graham and the NRA’s Gun Control Convention

A few years ago, the NRA made their annual meeting a “gun free zone”. This year, liberal gun grabbers are excited because the NRA hired a speaker who supports background checks. When did the NRA Annual Meeting become a gun control convention?

My nephew just sent me an article saying that the liberal gun control group The Brady Campaign is thrilled that the NRA hired anti-gunner Franklin Graham to pray at their convention. Graham sold out Americans by supporting background checks while Obama was trying to exploit the Newtown tragedy. Now, just a year later, he is headlining the NRA’s convention? I don’t care that he is trying to go back on his position now. This is a complete betrayal of gun owners by the NRA.

NRA members should boycott the convention. Background checks would give the government a paper trail on every single gun sale in America. The next stop after that is a federal gun registry, which would destroy the 2nd Amendment. Yet the NRA is happy to feature a prominent pro-background check figure at their yearly meeting? Nobody who supports gun rights should stand for it.

The truth is that the NRA has surrendered on background checks before. In 2007, they struck a deal with senior Democrats to strengthen background checks by bribing states to send gun buyer data to the federal government. In 1999, Wayne LaPierre testified that background checks were a good thing. And now they are cuddling up to Franklin Graham.

NRA members need to stop being dazzled by all the membership perks and shooting events and start holding their leadership accountable. The NRA does not exist to entertain gun owners. They are supposed to be protecting our rights. Yet they consistently betray us for people like Franklin Graham and Mitch McConnell, another gun phony who is speaking at the meeting this year, who the NRA has given more money to than any other member of Congress.

The NRA thinks that its members are sheep who will listen to anyone that the NRA leadership puts in front of them. Boycotting the convention would let them know who is the boss.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Story of my First Turkey, in Honor of Turkey Season

Lots of people think that turkeys are stupid, and they may be right. They say that turkeys sometimes just stare at the sky for no reason. They even do this when it is raining and then drown from it. That’s not what I would consider a particularly brilliant animal.

But that doesn’t mean they are always easy to hunt. Turkeys are twitchy, unpredictable, and spook easily. You might get lucky and walk right into one, or you might spend hours tracking and calling only to have the gobbler scamper off at the last second. Turkeys can be frustrating — but that is also what makes bagging one so addictive and thrilling.

It took me quite a while to experience that thrill personally. My first turkey season as a teenager, I didn’t bag a single bird. I spent the winter reading up, asking older hunters for tips, practicing with the box calls. When the next season finally rolled around, I thought I was ready.

My buddy Mark agreed to call for me, and we set up at the base of a huge pine tree. We couldn’t have been sitting there for more than fifteen minutes when we heard a gobble not too far off. Mark made a call; it called back. A shiver went down my spine and my palms started sweating. This was it!

Except it wasn’t. You are supposed to wait for at least fifteen minutes between turkey calls. That day, those fifteen minutes felt like three hours. I sure am glad Mark was holding the call — I would have blown it about every thirty seconds!

After what felt like forever, Mark looked at me and pointed to a clump of bushes about ten yards away. The bushes started rustling and a juvenile male poked his head around.

I looked down at my shotgun and my hands were shaking. Steadying myself as much as possible, I raised the gun took aim. The seconds felt like minutes.

Maybe I was too nervous, because I shot low — too low. The bird was hurt, but not killed, and it ran right out of the bushes at me. And, I kid you not, I found myself in a wrestling match! Luckily I was able to wring its neck pretty quick, without getting spurred. But I still felt mighty bad about putting the bird through a painful death like that.

Suffice to say, bare hands are not the best way to take out my first gobbler. Ever since then, I’ve made sure to shoot straight the first time!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bloomberg and the NRA

Seeing Michael Bloomberg go after the NRA is like watching Louisville play Duke. I hope they both lose.

Bloomberg and the leaders of the NRA are more alike than any of them would ever admit. We know that the NRA are masters of rigging elections, and Bloomberg throws his money around New York and calls it “democracy.” All of them make thousands of times more than the average American. All of them believe that their money and power makes their opinion more valuable than everyone else’s.

I don’t care to have my opinions dictated to me by a bunch of people sitting in fancy dining rooms in Washington or New York. As far as I am concerned, Bloomberg and the NRA deserve each other.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grimes and the Democrats Hypocrisy on Women

For the life of me, I will never understand Democrats. Are they just stupid? Or are they really as hypocritical and power hungry as they seem to be? I'm pretty sure it's a little bit of both.

Take Allison Grimes and her pandering to women voters. Just like all Democrats these days, Grimes takes women for granted. She assumes women will vote for her just because she is a woman and a democrat. And then she goes and accepts money from an ally who sexually harassed three employees, and appears at a huge rally with Bill Clinton, of all people, a man who, need I remind you, used his power to violate a 20 year old intern!

If I were a woman I would be insulted. Even though I am not, it still makes my head spin. Just another liberal hypocrite!

Friday, April 11, 2014

So the NRA is pro-background check now?

I was reading yesterday and I came across this article. What the hell? A group called Moms Demand Action is praising the NRA for having a pro-background check speaker at their convention. When liberals start praising the NRA, that’s a problem. It just goes to show how out of touch the NRA is with regular conservatives and gun owners, which is what I have said for years. 

UK Loses

Man, what a roller-coaster season. We were preseason number one before falling out of the rankings completely. Then we got hot at the right time and blazed through the tournament, only to lose a sloppy title game to a seven seed. If only we could have hit some free throws, the national championship would have been ours. I guess there is always next year.

Speaking of which, it looks like UK might lose at least 5 players to the NBA draft, including both Harrisons. But that is nothing unusual these days, and Calipari has some blue chips coming in. Once I get over this tournament hangover, it looks like there are a lot of reasons to be excited!

That might take me a while though… what a heartbreaking loss!

Want real conservative reform in Washington? Don’t count on the NRA.

If there is any doubt which side the NRA’s bread is buttered on, just at look at who is speaking at the NRA annual meeting later this month—none other than compromiser-in-chief Mitch McConnell.

The NRA sucks up to RINOs and Democrats all the time, but McConnell more than anyone else. They’ve given him more money than any other member of Congress ($19,000 between 2006 and 2012). They roll out the red carpet for him at their convention. They let him give NRA awards at CPAC (although he looked like a complete idiot). And while they sit out many other Republican primaries, or wait until the last second to weigh in, they endorsed McConnell over Bevin six months before primary day.

With all this cuddly behavior from the NRA, you would think McConnell was firmly pro-gun. Except he isn’t. He voted for Joe Biden’s crime bill, which banned several types of assault weapons and installed a waiting period on handguns. When Rand Paul (who the NRA has never made a donation to, by the way) introduced a pro-gun bill in 2011, McConnell voted against it and the bill never passed. He also voted for a bill written by Barbara Boxer to require gun sellers to include gun storage devices with each of their sales.

And yet the NRA basically walks around laying rose petals at his feet. What the heck are they thinking about?

The answer is simple: money. McConnell is always ready to swing a deal (debt ceiling, anyone?). He knows how to grease the wheels of the Washington spending machine. Anyone interested in suckling at the power teat would be wise to cozy up to him.

And that is why the NRA loves him. Their members are blind to this fact, but the NRA depends on big government. Every time there are rumblings in Washington about gun control or background checks, their membership increases and the dues roll in. Every time liberals introduce gun grab legislation, Wayne LaPierre gets to go on TV.

Why would a gigantic gun rights group want the problem of gun control to go away? Gun control pays their salaries!

Conservatives need to wake up and start paying closer attention to the organizations that they support. They have been letting the charlatans in the NRA pull the wool over their eyes for too long. If you want smaller government and better gun laws, you can start by skipping the annual meeting and turning in your NRA card.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Tonight is the big night!!

Hopefully UK won’t need Harrison to pull out another miracle in this one. I’m not sure if my heart can take another last minute win.

I think that I deserve partial credit for this team’s turnaround. Ever since I started this blog and wrote a post criticizing Coach Calipari, this team has been on fire! I don’t think they could have done it without me.

I’m just kidding, of course. I just hope we can keep it going one more game! Go Wildcats!