Friday, April 25, 2014

Boycott Franklin Graham and the NRA’s Gun Control Convention

A few years ago, the NRA made their annual meeting a “gun free zone”. This year, liberal gun grabbers are excited because the NRA hired a speaker who supports background checks. When did the NRA Annual Meeting become a gun control convention?

My nephew just sent me an article saying that the liberal gun control group The Brady Campaign is thrilled that the NRA hired anti-gunner Franklin Graham to pray at their convention. Graham sold out Americans by supporting background checks while Obama was trying to exploit the Newtown tragedy. Now, just a year later, he is headlining the NRA’s convention? I don’t care that he is trying to go back on his position now. This is a complete betrayal of gun owners by the NRA.

NRA members should boycott the convention. Background checks would give the government a paper trail on every single gun sale in America. The next stop after that is a federal gun registry, which would destroy the 2nd Amendment. Yet the NRA is happy to feature a prominent pro-background check figure at their yearly meeting? Nobody who supports gun rights should stand for it.

The truth is that the NRA has surrendered on background checks before. In 2007, they struck a deal with senior Democrats to strengthen background checks by bribing states to send gun buyer data to the federal government. In 1999, Wayne LaPierre testified that background checks were a good thing. And now they are cuddling up to Franklin Graham.

NRA members need to stop being dazzled by all the membership perks and shooting events and start holding their leadership accountable. The NRA does not exist to entertain gun owners. They are supposed to be protecting our rights. Yet they consistently betray us for people like Franklin Graham and Mitch McConnell, another gun phony who is speaking at the meeting this year, who the NRA has given more money to than any other member of Congress.

The NRA thinks that its members are sheep who will listen to anyone that the NRA leadership puts in front of them. Boycotting the convention would let them know who is the boss.