Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Comic Book Icon Archie Dies For Gun Control

The publishers of Life With Archie have announced that Archie Andrews will be killed in the next edition of the comic while protecting a gay politician who is trying to push gun control.

The politician is Archie’s best friend, a former soldier named Kevin Keller who entered politics in order to pass gun control after his husband was shot in an attempted robbery. Archie dies protecting Kevin from a would-be political assassin. The assassin’s identity will be revealed when the comic is released tomorrow.

If Archie’s death sounds like a ridiculous liberal publicity stunt, that’s because it is. Life With Archie underwent a “modern” makeover when it was re-launched in 2010. The new version of the comic targeted liberal readers by dealing with so-called “socially relevant” issues like gay marriage.

Archie’s re-invention generated lots of awards from left-wing organizations, but it must not have attracted many actual readers because Life With Archie will end permanently in August.

Apparently the publishers decided to try one last publicity stunt before pulling the plug. It’s sad to see a classic comic that was created in order to spread a Christian message end in such a silly and cynical way.