Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tennessee Senate Primary: Keeping RINOs In Check

With one day left before the Republican Senate primary in Tennessee, supporters of constitutional conservative Joe Carr are refusing to back down. The latest polling shows that State Rep. Joe Carr is trailing Sen. Lamar Alexander but remains within striking distance.

Released on Friday by Red Racing Horses, the latest poll found Alexander ahead of Carr by twelve points, 41 to 29. Twenty percent of voters said they were undecided. If those late-deciding voters rally behind Carr, the unthinkable could happen — Alexander could actually lose.

Carr has received a boost from a record – breaking early voter turnout — proof, he says, that his campaign is building momentum.

Even if Carr isn’t able to close the gap in time, this primary shows yet again that conservatives aren’t happy with the good old boys that the party sends to Washington. At the very least, the pressure will remind Alexander and the rest of the establishment that it has to keep in line.