Friday, November 14, 2014

The Price Of The NRA’s Defeatism

The NRA’s failure to mount serious opposition to I-594 in Washington is looking increasingly like a real miscalculation, if not a complete abdication of duty.

In the wake of their victory in Washington State, gun control groups continue to announce plans to pass universal background checks bills in states across the country.

This means that the door is now open to gun registries — and possibly even even gun confiscation — in places like Nevada and Maine.

The NRA devoted next to nothing protecting gun owners in Washington State, possibly because they didn’t think they could win. The latest figures show that only $600,000 was spent debunking the pro-gun control ads, about six percent of what the gun control groups spent promoting I-594.

Yet even without the NRA’s help, gun rights supporters won 40% of the vote in Washington. How much more would they have won with real support behind them?

Instead of fighting against gun control in Washington, the NRA spent millions this year on behalf of RINOs and career politicians who were virtually assured of victory.

They spent hundreds of thousands on Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, who won by sixteen points. They spent nearly a million on David Perdue in Georgia, who won by eight points. They spent a $1.3 million on Tom Cotton in Arkansas, who won by twenty-six points.

Mitch McConnell and Tom Cotton didn’t need the millions that the NRA gave them. Washington gun owners did.