Monday, March 24, 2014

UK Basketball Moves On

Well, consider me speechless. What a game! Just when I was ready to write this season off as a huge disappointment, the Cats come back with a great second half to knock off the only team that has ever gone 35 – 0 in NCAA history. I don’t care if Wichita had a soft schedule. They were an excellent team and Big Blue Nation should be proud.

UK has spent most of the season playing like the freshmen they are, but it seems like we are maturing just at the right time. We put up a good fight against Florida last week, and we have looked great in the tournament so far. I guess that is how it works when you bring in a new bunch of players every year – sometimes it takes them a while to get it together!

We will need to keep on gelling, though, because the road only gets harder from here. Louisville has been sloppy in the tournament so far, but they are a better all around team than Wichita and our old friend Slick Rick Pitino knows how to win in the Sweet 16. How great would it be to stick it to him this week? I can’t wait.