Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yes We Can? No You Can’t.

Leadership is gone. Dependency is rewarded. Excuses are encouraged. Excellency is punished. Yes We Can has become No You Can’t.

Welcome to modern day America, a country filled with spoiled, weak people who expect someone to solve all of their problems for them. That’s what happens when you have a generation raised by hippies who never punished their children and told them that the world was their oyster. Young people today don’t know how to take care of themselves, and they expect the government to take care of their every need.

When my boys were small I taught them how to hunt, how to clean a fish, how to use a chainsaw. When they weren’t in school or playing sports I had them out chopping wood or using the tractor. These days kids spend half their time staring at their phones, getting softer every day. What are they going to do when they face a real challenge? What about the first time they meet a real bully without their parents to back them up?

They’ll react the same way Obama reacts to Putin and all of our enemies, by backing down and letting them walk all over him.

That’s why this affects all of us. Weak and lazy kids grow up to be weak and lazy adults who elect weak and lazy leaders. When he isn’t on vacation, Obama and his buddies are busy putting us further and further in debt to fund a lazy and dependent lifestyle. They are mortgaging our future to pay for college educations for kids who barely finished high school, and hip replacements for people who haven’t paid a dime in taxes in their entire lives. It’s destroying the country.

At least all the young Democrats who elected Obama and the meatheads in Congress are going to reap what they’ve sown. If they ever get productive jobs, every dime they earn is going to go to paying off all the pensions and health care plans that they voted for. Part of me wishes that I were going to be around to see the looks on their faces!

Americans need to wake up fast, or else it will be too late. We are going to see the consequences of what happens when duty and responsibility disappear and are replaced by selfishness.